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Berjaya Clubs

How To Apply


As a Berjaya Hills Club Member, you have privileged access to a host of wonderful golf and recreational benefits. The membership application process is simple and convenient.


The following terms and condition must be adhered to before the membership would be effected


      Licensee ( Full Member)


1.      Membership Application Form -  Duly completed Membership Application Form


2.      Membership Fees -  RM 7,000.00


3.      Refundable Security Deposit Fees – RM 1,500.00


4.      Processing Fees -  RM 30.00


5.      Photographs – Three(3) copies passport size photograph of proposed Individual or Corporate, one legal spouse and children below 18 years of age


6.      New Identity Card/Passport/Birth Certificate – One(1) copy of photocopy of New Identity Card for proposed Individual or Corporate, one legal spouse and Birth Certificate for children below 18 years of age


7.      Payment – All payment by cheque must be made payable to “BERJAYA HILLS BERHAD”


8.      Applicant are advised that they are entitle to Cooling Off Period of Ten (10) days from the day the application form for he purchase of membership is lodged with the developer to withdraw the application without any deduction or penalty


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our

Membership Department at 09 2228882 extension 7055








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