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Golf @ Jalil

Here’s where nature meets golfers with its best ‘par’ forward. Designed by J. Micheal Poellot, the picturesque 18-hole Berjaya Hills International Golf Course offers a unique experience with its challenging turfs, engaging fairways and greens.





HOLE # 1 - PAR 4 - 350 Meters

HOLE # 1 - PAR 4 - 350 Meters

This gentle uphill dogleg with its generous fairway and large green should provide a smooth beginning to the round. The right side fairway bunker serves primarily as a target and directs the tee shot to fairway's left side. From this position, the green is most receptive to approach shots.

HOLE # 2 - PAR 5 - 485 Meters HOLE # 2 - PAR 5 - 485 Meters

Stony Creek is integral element of this Par 5, as it hugs tightly to the green's left side before turning across the fairway and directly influencing the second shot. The tee provides a wonderful vista of the entire hole. The downhill tee shot is best played from right to left to avoid the two bunkers lurking on the fairways right side.

HOLE # 3 - PAR 3 - 162 Meters

Located at one of the highest points on the golf course, the mountainside jungle provides a scenic backdrop for this short Par 3. Proper club selection and a high, soft and short iron are the fundamentals of scoring here.

HOLE # 4 - PAR 4 - 396 Meters

The deep rivervalley which bisects this demanding dogleg right influences both drive and approach. Accuracy is a priority from the tee as the drive must avoid the valleys influence to the right. The downhill second shot is played over the river to one of the golf course's most picturesque green complexes

HOLE # 5 - PAR 4 - 382 Meters

This demanding uphill hole will require two solidity played shots. The double tiered nature of the fairway is forgiving to drives missed to the right, but tee shots played down the left side provide the preferred angle of approach to this generous green.

HOLE # 6 - PAR 3 - 151 Meters

The appearance can be misleading on this deceptive Par 3, which may play as much as two clubs more than its yardage. A deep bunker guards the right side of the wide green and suggests a left to right shot directed at the open left side of the tiered putting surface.

HOLE # 7 - PAR 4 - 259 Meters

A classic short Par 4 with a premium on accuracy. The golfer may attempt to drive the green, but numerous fairway and green side bunkers make for a risky shot. The conservative play is a long iron tee shot to the widest portion of the fairway, leaving a wedge to the elevated green. Power of finesse is the key decision here.

HOLE # 8 - PAR 5 - 493 Meters

Length will be rewarded but care must be taken to avoid the numerous bunkers and grass hollows which border this dogleg left Par 5. A strong drive will provide the opportunity to reach the green in two shots or the option to layup short of numerous bunkers which tightly constrict the fairway shot of the green and protect the small putting surface.

Hole 2 Par 4

HOLE # 9 - PAR 4 - 381 Meters

Massive native boulders provide a dramatic setting for the green of this medium length Par 4. The emphasis from the tee is on accuracy. A drive down the right side of the fairway provides the preferred line of approach. The deep hollows along the left side of this narrow green will collect many errant approach shots.

Hole 2 Par 4

HOLE # 10 - PAR 5 - 525 Meters

With a vertical fall of over 40 meters from the tee to green, the Par 5 will play shorter than its yardage, but should still be considered a three?shot hole. The tee shot, played from the golf course's high point, is greatly influenced by a series of bunkers which restrict the fairway. The green approach is tightly bunkered as well, making a second shot'lay?up' the most prudent option for attacking this challenging green.

HOLE # 11 - PAR 3 - 181 Meter 5

Perhaps the most challenging of the Par 3, the tee shot must carry a deep river ravine. A massive native boulder outcrop adjacent to the right side of the green makes the left side of this tiered putting surface the more conservative line of play

HOLE # 12 - PAR 4 - 297 Meters

The large lake, which bisects the fairway of this short Par 4, creates two obvious routes of play from the tees perched high on the mountainside. The heroic line requires along forced carry over the lake, leaving a short pitch home. The less aggressive line from the tee is a 'lay?up' tee shot which postpones the lake's influence and sets up a short iron over the water to the elevated green.

Hole 2 Par 4

HOLE # 13 - PAR 4 - 411 Meters

A deep hollow emanating from the green face, meanders across this hole and flows into the stony stream channel, which defines the right edge of the tee shot. The approach to this green is open to allow the 'run?up'. Chipping areas surrounding the green accommodate the errant approach and emphasise a deft short game.

HOLE # 14 - PAR 4 - 365 Meters

The downhill approach on this medium length Par 4 is best designed with a drive which hugs the edge of this hole's largest rambling fairway bunker. Do not under club the approach, as the green is tightly guarded in front by a stony stream channel and large native boulders, which rise from the channel into the face of putting surface.

Hole 2 Par 4

HOLE # 15 - PAR 4 - 413 Meters

As the golf course's longest Par 4, this dogleg left is also one of its most demanding. A right to left drive aimed at the hillside target bunkers is ideal. The approach is a downhill, long iron to an undulating green protected front/right by small pot bunkers. The deep grassy hollow left of the putting surface will collect many errant approaches.

Hole 2 Par 4

HOLE # 16 - PAR 3 - 185 Meters

Guarded to the right by small pot bunkers and to the left by a long meandering bunker which runs the length of the green, this Par 3 will test the mettle of the most accomplished golfer. The depth of the narrow and linear green places a premium on club selection.

Hole 2 Par 4

HOLE # 17 - PAR 4 - 387 Meters

Two distinct routes of play are very evident on this highly strategic dogleg right. The shortest line to the well protected green requires a long tee shot over the Stony Creek to a tightly defined fairway. The more conservative left side line to the broad fairway takes Stony Creek out of play but leaves the golfers with a demanding uphill approach shot.

HOLE # 18 - PAR 5 - 489 Meters

The finishing hole is heroic golf in its purest form. Upon playing a dramatic downhill tee shot to a respective valley fairway, the golfer is faced with a tough decision the small green is reachable with a long forced carry over water, but the prudent line of play is to the left, skirting the lake edge for a less demanding approach. The fortune of many matches will pivot on the second shot at this strong Par 5.


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Golf @ Berjaya Hills