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2.   GOLF


  1. All Members while playing golf at the Club Golf Course shall display conspicuously an official golf identification tag of the Club.
  2. All guests while playing golf at the Club Golf Course shall display conspicuously the appropriate Guest tag.
  3. Members and their guests must produce their identification tags and Handicap Cards/Course permit when requested to do so by an employee of the Company or any other person authorised by the Company.


  1. The Golf Course and all other related facilities of the Golf Course shall be open from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm daily unless otherwise determined by the Management from time to time.
  2. The Management shall at any time close the Golf course or any part of the Golf course for any reason whatsoever.
  3. The Golf Course is closed on Monday but it's open when a public holiday falls on a Monday.


  1. Players must be familiar with the Royal and Ancient of St. Andrews or USGA Rules of Golf and Local Rules prior to playing oil the Golf Course. Chill Golf Course.
  2. Players without a valid handicap shall not be allowed to play on the course but, may be allowed to do so if a course permit is issued to him by the Management.
  3. Guest - A Member may introduce up to a maximum of three (3) guests per occasion. Any larger group shall be considered it planned golf function.


  1. No play shall commence before 7.00 am and until the player is registered with the course steward at the Golf Starter Hut.
  2. Players must tee off from such teeing ground as shall be determined by the Management from time to time.
  3. All players must he registered at least 10 minutes before teeing off at the Starter Hut.

Play on any day may be regulated by the official starting time unless otherwise delayed (file to bad weather and/or any circumstance beyond the control of the Management.

    1. Booking of Official Starting times shall be open to all players at least 7 days before hand (unless otherwise determined by the Management). Any cancellation of booked time must be made at least 24 hours before the time of play, failing which cancellation fee shall be imposed by the Management.
    2. Players must tee off at the tee box at the Official starting time failing which the booked time shall be made available to other players.
    3. Non-playing Members or guests arc not permitted to accompany playing Members on the Golf Course.
    4. The Management may, from time to time, determine restrictions on the use of the Golf Course by non handicap players.

    1. No trolleys are permitted on the greens and any other area specified by the Management from tithe to time. Only wide wheeled trolleys and Turf Mates are permitted oil the Golf Course.
    2. Divots must be replaced and ball marks on greens must be repaired by players and/or their caddies at all times.
    3. Employees or authorized persons of the Company may inspect the course periodically to avoid undue delay, slow play and carry out checks of identification tags and course permits. Players are required to assist and co-operate with such employees and persons.

    1. Children below the age of I2 years are not allowed in tile Practice Range area unless accompanied by a parent.
    2. Practice range halls are charged for up to a minimum of 50 balls and a maximum of 200 balls at any one time.
    3. Practice range balls shall not be used on the Golf Course, chipping green and Practice Putting Green.

    1. Only the Club Resident Golf Pro and his Assistant are authorized to give lessons.
    2. Booking or Registration for lessons may be made directly with the Pro or his Assistant at the Golf Reception.
    3. Lesson fees shall be charged and debited into Member's account. Cash payment to the Pro or his Assistant directly is prohibited.

    Members are encouraged to purchase golf insurance coverage.

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