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A golf course built with high standards. An enthralling environment with excellent service. Superb challenges and interesting fairways and turfs. All this culminates into a memorable and fantastic game of golf at Kelab Darul Ehsan. It is no wonder it is touted as the Best 9-Hole Course in the country. Whether near or far, at Kelab Darul Ehsan, golfing is always available for you in the best ways possible. And the good news is, it gets better every time.





Voted as Malaysia’s best 9-hole golf course, the impressive Kelab Darul Ehsan golf course features a stunning 9-hole golf designed by the US-based Ronald Fream Group. Set on 65 acres of land, the course is flanked by towering vertical walls of rocks amidst a verdant row of trees. Whilst the surroundings may seem to be secluded from the world, far-off, the landscape is dotted by houses of nearby neighbourhoods, creating a sense of familiarity immediately.


The course flows with the undulating carefully landscaped terrain, gentle hills, past pristine lakes, all co-merging into an ensemble providing the best natural setting for a thoroughly engrossing round of golf. The overall experience, as described by many seasoned golfers, is an unforgettable one.


Many of the tall trees now serve as boarders for the fairways, while age-old boulders add to the many challenges, including huge bunkers and OBs on every hole on this tight, but pleasant undulating golf course. The key to a respectable card is precision as the fairways are slim and mean. An element of skill is also required in reading the greens.


One of the most exciting holes which give no allowance for the slightest errors is the 4th. This 120 yard par 3 tees downhill with imposing lotus pond to the left and at the bottom right of the small green. Overshoot the drain and the tall trees, and there is no return for you.


The signature hole is the 540 yard 6th hole. A par 5, there is a small pond with fountain in front of the tee and a bunker on the right of landing distance for the average hitters, while long hitters have to lay up before the drain cutting in from the left. Tall trees obscure the view from the tee on the left, making this hole appear like a dogleg left but it is actually a straight hole. OB swallows stroke after the drain on the right. The green is protected by a bunker on the right.


A unique feature at Kelab Darul Ehsan is the two tier driving range with 40 bay where 'floaters' are used as a practice balls because golfers hit into pond where the distance marker have been placed to indicate varying lengths. The driving range is now managed under the Professional Golf Academy with new coaching technology. A practice green can be found near the Golfer Terrace. Here’s where beginners can opt for our in-house Pro. In no time you will be getting a good grip of golf with professional guidance through a step-by-step computerized lesson to help you brush up your skills.