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These by-laws of the Riding School are designed for the safety and convenience of all Members. They should be read carefully and strictly complied with at all times.




Motor vehicles must at all times give way to horses and speed limit of 15 km.p.h. must be strictly observed in areas where horses are present. Drivers should always keep a sharp look out for loose or tethered horses or horses, which may not be under, complete control. No sounding of motor vehicle horns are to be done on the Resort grounds save and except in an emergency situation. All motor vehicles must be parked in areas designated for purposes of car parking at the Resort.


No dogs, pets or other animals are permitted in the stables compound.


Children under 14 years of age must at all times be under the surveillance and control of their parents or other adult directly responsible for their safety and for ensuring that they do not cause damage to the Resort’s Property or cause an accident to riders.





All riders must wear properly designed protective headgear at all times when riding


However approval may be given for an exemption to those who qualify upon submitting a written application. Application from the following categories of riders may be:


(i)         Professionals or riding instructors

(ii)        Polo players with a handicap

(iii)       Riders above eighteen years of age who have passed a riding


(iv)       Riders, who in the opinion of the Management, are competent

             enough to ride without wearing a hat.


No exception will be given when the riders are participating in the following activities:

(i)          Riding on a Hacking Trail

(ii)         Equestrian Competition

(iii)        Playing Polo

(iv)        Jumping


The Management would like to recommend riders to be conscious about safety and wear their hard hat at all times.


Only approved riders are permitted to ride on the Hacking Trail and must at all times be accompanied by a competent rider.


All horses travelling in the opposite direction should pass left to left in the riding arena.


No children under 7 years are permitted to ride unless under the full supervision of an instructor or authorized person.


Horses being ridden or walked from the stable area to the exercise track and paddock must use the entrance for horses and in no circumstances the entrance for cars be used.


Riders are not permitted to ride unaccompanied on the track on either privately owned or Riding School horses unless they are in possession of a Riding Certificate. Tests for such certificate can be arranged through the Coach.


Horses being led in any area of the Resort premises must be walked only and must be led with a headcollar and leadrope or bridle.


Riders who wish to lead another horse while riding on any part of the grounds in the Resort must ensure that they lead the unmounted horse with a headcollar and lead rope or a bridle. All stallions are to be led in bridles.


Save for the provisions relating to grazing in the paddock, horses shall under no circumstances be allowed to graze unattended on any part of the Resort premises. Members are strongly advised against letting their horses loose in area outside the Resort premises to prevent accidents.




Riders must, at all times, ride round the exercise track according to the board outside.


Horses being ridden slowly must keep to the outside of the track, permitting faster moving horses to overtake on the inside of the track.


Riders shall not ride more than two abreast and no rider shall gallop his horse on the track unless and until it is safe to do so. Riders overtaking must do so gradually and with due care and consideration for other riders.


EXERCISE PADDOCK (Subject to change with notification)


Exercise Paddock 1(a), 1(b), 2 and 3 are meant for riding Instructors only.


Exercise Paddock 4 is for riders to school their horses.


Exercise Paddock 5 is for competition.


Riders may be allowed to ride in Paddocks 1(a), 1(b), 2 and 3 when not in use by the School. However, prior clearance from the instructors must be obtained.




Horses are allowed to be let loose in the grazing paddocks only.


Riders are not allowed to ride in the grazing paddocks.



Members are allowed to lunge their horses only in the lungeing ring. Only instructors or other authorized personnel are allowed to lunge in the 1(a), 1(b), 2 and 3 paddocks



Riders using the Resort Riding School horses or ponies whether under instruction or for exercise or experience shall, at all times, comply with the instructions of the riding instructors. Without affecting the generality of the foregoing, all riders shall at all times strictly observe and perform the following:


Hard Hats: All riders must wear the correct headgear for safety.


Footwear: All riders must wear riding boots or such other shoes as may be approved by the instructors.


Clothing; Slim fitting jeans are acceptable but Jodhpurs (for use with Jodhpur boots) or Breeches (for use with long boots) will add to the comfort and safety. Loose fitting trousers will lead to sore legs and poor grip. Loose fitting "tops" or shirt should be tucked inside the waistband of Jodhpurs.


Accessories: Valuables should not be carried or worn. For safety no large belt buckles, chains or any item with sharp edges should be worn.


Resort: A Membership card must be produced before riding lessons may be booked.


Blood Chit: A form of waiver/indemnity must be signed by all persons wishing to ride at the Riding School and if a minor, such form of waiver/indemnity must be signed by a parent/guardian on behalf of the minor.


Lesson: Lessons may only be given by the officially appointed Riding School Instructors or their substitutes when the instructors are on holiday or absent due to illness. Lessons should be booked in advance and should be made on a regular day and time each week.


Riding fees: Due end of month on receiving bill, to be paid to Accounts.


Cancellation: Notice for cancellation of a lesson must be given to the Equestrian Office in writing or by telephone 24 hours in advance. Full charge will be made for failure to do so.


Late arrivals: Riders are required to report for riding 15 minutes before their appointed lesson. If not present at the stated time they will be presumed not coming and the horse/pony may be allocated to another rider. Riders will still be charged for the lesson. No charge will be levied if the lesson is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Allocation: The instructor will allocate the rider with a horse for each lesson and there must be no "swapping" unless permission is granted by the instructor.


Spectators: Must not distract any horse or rider during a lesson. In the event of a fall the instructor will be in sole charge and decide on any action to be taken in the circumstances.


Hiring: A School horse or pony may occasionally be hired out to a capable rider for one month at a time and may be hired if preferred for morning or afternoon only. The rider must be experienced and approved by the instructor.


Safety: Check saddlery and girth before mounting. Mount and dismount in enclosed arena. After dismounting run the stirrup irons up the leathers and do not let go of your reins until the syce takes your horse.


Warming Up : No horse or pony should be ridden above a walk for at least the first 5 minutes and must be allowed to walk for at least the last 5 minutes to cool off.


Outrides : When riding with a group under supervision no rider may leave the group and must remain in order behind the instructor. Failure to do this will mean the rider is losing control over his horse and shall not be allowed to ride out until he has gained more experience riding in class lessons or private lessons.


Riding Lessons: Members are only permitted to obtain lessons in riding through the Riding School, Members are not permitted to conduct such lessons at any other part of the Resort premises.


Riding Days: Riders can ride on any day of the week except on Mondays, which shall be rest day for horses and staff of the Riding School.


Riding Fees: Fees shall be at such rate as shall be determined from time to time by the Management at its absolute discretion.