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Polo at Kiara. A unique experience, a class above the rest. This is where you can ride in style, as you immerse in the pleasure and serenity of galloping amidst the breathtaking tropical greeneries that surround the field.


As one of the oldest and most prestigious games in the world, polo has always been the sport of kings, princes and nobilities and has attracted a glittering following of enthusiasts. Here at Kiara, we strive to offer the same elite experience with our array of excellent facilities and services dedicated to give you the best of polo playing experience.


Our polo field, which measures 40,134sq metre, is designed with a state-of-the art drainage system. The field has incorporated Bermuda Greenleas Park hybrid grass for the greens which can be maintained at speeds to provide serious players a good test of their polo skills. The grass dries up within half an hour after heavy rain, making maintenance of the greens almost immediate.


With everything at your convenience, Bukit Kiara welcomes everyone to engage in the excitement of equestrian sports, our beautifully groomed horses, and our club’s serene natural surroundings in a relaxed and unique way.


Operations Hours:


Mondays / Public Holiday

Tuesday to Sunday 6.45 am - 10.45 am

3.15 pm - 7.00 pm


Note : Limited availability for non members.

Polo Chukka


Are you game for a 7-minute challenge? We invite you to try out a chukka. The average game of polo has four to six chukkas, or periods, and each chukka lasts seven minutes. Why seven minutes? This game keeps it brief to avoid overwhelming the polo ponies as they gallop up and down a 300 metre ground. As the game is played at a very fast pace with the horses galloping much of the time, each player in high goal (top level professional) tournaments uses a fresh pony for each chukka. In club games ponies usually play 2 chukkas in a match.


Riding Rates


Click here to download riding rates


For more information on Polo and updated Riding Rates, please contact our Equestrian Centre
Mr Amin 03-2094 1979 (Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays) Open from Tuesdays to Sundays : 7.00am - 10.15am / 3.15pm - 7.00pm.

Note : Limited availability for non members.